The Reason for the Season

My very own Hudsonville was in the news the other day. This time, it was a battle over just how Christian the Christmas decorations should be. We haven’t got much secular representation in this community, so we’re left with some bitter Christians roaming around the neighborhood, warning people that having lights on their house is *gasp* a very Pagan thing to do.

I especially love how the people in the video are quick to point out that they’re very Christian, and that some other people just take things too far. True in its own right, I suppose. I just wish I had received one of those letters.

For Christ’s sake, even I, an adamant atheist, have a Jesii on my Christmas tree. He’s right there, knocked halfway down the tree, upside down, having been usurped by a 1990’s era Sugar Bear ornament that still plays Christmas tunes after 20 years. That’s a fucking miracle, folks.

Truly, the King of Kings

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