Some Kind of Uber-Silo Going Up Nearby

Over the summer a big silo went up in the middle of a nearby empty field. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Then one day, they decided to start welding this thick metal shell around it, about double its radius and tapered at the bottom. Every once in a while I’ll see little guys walking around the inside of the metal cylinder building it higher and higher in large chunks.

Like one of those Russian nested dolls

I grew up in a small farm town and I thought I knew my silos. This one just seems so diabolical; more likely to carry explosives or snakes, or explosive snakes, than corn or grain. Maybe there’s a missile in there, or some top secret government project. It feels like it’s right out of the Cold War era. I probably shouldn’t ask too many questions, lest I risk being drugged and thrown in there myself.

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