PRK Day 10

It’s now been ten days since the surgery. I’ve gone into the office the last two days as well as today, but have been unable to work full days. The fact that 99% of my job includes reading and writing on a computer screen has really sunk in. I can handle enough for a while, but my eyes get too fatigued and the doublevision/ghosting seems to increase over time.

Still, I’m not disappointed at all, as I continue to see improvements every day. I just wish they would start coming faster :) I’m driving still, but try to keep my time on the road under ten minutes and within daylight hours. Yesterday I came home at lunch time and took an hour long nap, and my eyes were rejuvenated afterwards and I could work another 4 hours. Today, I skipped this rest period and went to lunch with the guys, but could only make it an hour into work afterwards before the fatigue made me pack up and head home.

It’s frustrating for sure, because I think that I lost a good 3 hours of work today looking into a problem that was caused originally by me misreading some piece of code and trying to fix a problem that wasn’t there. Grrrrr….

As for vision – the right eye is doing better and the ghosting is less pronounced but still blurry to an extent. Large fonts are a must, but they’re starting to clear up to the point that, come Monday, I’m hoping to be able to take the screen size down a notch. Things like this are cause for celebration with my new eyes, as I edge ever closer towards that (fingers crossed) 20/20 vision I’m hoping for.

The left eye is worse and the ghosting/double vision is more significant. Today I realized that with just my left eye open, if I focussed through the page I was reading, the two images resolved themselves. This is more of a chore than it’s worth, as I think I overworked my eye muscles doing this from time to time today.

Vision seems to be best when the eyes are thoroughly moistened. I’ll usually use the rewetting drops and close my eyes for a while, and things are much clearer when I open them back up. For a little while, at least. After several minutes, things start blurring up and separating again.

So in all, I’m happy with the progress so far. There are some blogs that I’ve read of people who take weeks to get to such a point. I have no doubt that in time, the ghosting and double vision will go away and I’ll forget what it was like to ever have this screwy eyesight. The sooner that day comes, the better.

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  1. It seems like you barely had trouble reading after PRK. I’m at day ten after the prodedure, and my eyes wont focus on print for more than a few seconds, and driving would not be safe. How were you able to go back to work at day 8?

    • I had a lot of trouble reading throughout the first month. It can be really frustrating. I was able to work at day 8, but I don’t think I’d call that work productive, and I wouldn’t have called my driving safe.

      • Hi,
        Today is my 10th day of PRK surgery and the blurry vision is driving me nuts. I cannot see text messages, the computer and read small print. I was worried, but now, after reading through these replies, I’m feeling much better and hoping this is temporary.

  2. I am currently on day 9 and re-reading this blog to remind myself it takes time :) I was so excited when the contacts came out as day 6-7 i could see SO clearly up close and far distance was a bit blurry but nothing crazy. Although my eyes were sore and fatigued, I was so overwhelmed with my “great sight”. After that things slowly slid a bit – apparently this is normal as the cornea grows back but of course its stressful as well. My better eye before surgery is now my worse eye (also my dominant eye). I would say it is a blurriness factory of 5 out of 10 when looking at pretty much everything except far distance. The left (the worse eye before surgery) is actually better and I can read almost clearly the screen in large format. TOgether of course, its touch a go… lol. I went out yesterday and walked around and was extremely frustrated with the constant blurring. I felt a bit dizzy and had some vertigo as well. If I put drops in, I can see more clearly for a few seconds. I find the drops “bion tears” which are a lighter weight ones, go for going out as they don’t leave any crud around my eyes. All the others do. I have used a humidifyer in my bedroom at night (Cool air – not hot) and found it really helpful when sleeping for dry eyes. Make sure its a new unit and clean of course.
    A note!!! Today when putting my drops in the small plastic circle from under the lid fell into my eye!! argh! I was so upset but i think it hit the white of my eye. This seems like something they shoudl tell you in the information to remove the ring, but I never thought about it. so, just warning for others to take that thing off before lying down to put drops in :(
    Will keep posted as I found and still find this site awesome with everyones experiences! thank so much!
    Jane (JT on here) (.7.5 L with astig .5 and -5.5 R with astig .25)

    • I know this is old, but I am 2 weeks out and have been incredibly dizzy the whole time. Had a very bad episode of vertigo 5 days ago. Did your dizziness completely clear eventually?

  3. I had my prk on thursday, now its Saturday evening. I was able to start reading on my tiny nexus 7 yesterday, and today things are still blurry but I can even make out the tiny font on this page. I was worried, but now, after reading through your experience, I’m feeling ahead of the curve. They gave some heavy duty vicodin and sleeping meds so thus far very minimal discomfort, more like I was wearing contacts for a few hours too long.

  4. Well, it’s been 10 days for me too. My vision hasn’t seemed to change that much. I have quite a bit of blurriness, but the real problem is the ghosting and double vision. I would say that some of my astigmatism has not gone away yet, and I think it is the source of many of my problems. That’s pretty disappointing, since I know it will be a while before that corrects itself. Still, there have been times when I could see pretty well, so I’m hopeful that this will all work out in the end. I am able to read the small font on this webpage with my left eye, though my right eye can’t make it out. I write software, and I’ve been using 50% larger fonts do help relieve the strain on my eyes so I can work longer. Even with the larger size, I have still made mistakes due to my poor vision. I will say that I think I have noticed gradual improvement this past 24 hours, but it is very subtle. I really should have done one eye at a time, but that ship has passed, so I’m trying my best to keep up with my work even though I can’t see very well. I want to say thanks to everyone who has posted about their experiences. I would be much more worried right now if it wasn’t for everything people have written. I can see that my experience isn’t too unusual, and I’ll just have to wait for things to improve over the next few weeks. I can’t wait until my eyes finally get better! :-)

  5. I had PRK 12 days ago to fix farsightedness in one eye (left). They left my right eye alone for distance vision. I still have significant blurry vision in the left eye for any distance. This is a little scary. I have really good acuity in left eye between 6-14″ but after that is is very blurry. Together the sight is good but I feel like I’m slightly drunk all the time. The blurriness from the left eye seems to carry over into the two-eyed vision a little more that I would like. I know I have to be patient and I see the Dr in 4 days, I have lots of questions for him.

  6. I am on day 7. I got my contacts out yesterday. I actually did not have any pain barely at all from the surgery. My eyes just burned the first day. My vision has been perfectly clear with my right eye since like day 3 but my left eye is still very blurry. I have trouble looking at the computer screen i think because of the blurriness of my left eye and i’m just worried my left eye isn’t getting better. I know it’s only been 7 days so I am going to wait a little while but it’s frustrating not being able to read or use the computer for a very long period of time as that is what I use for work as well. I just hope my left eye gets clearer in the next days to come.

  7. thanks!!! i was really scared that one of my eyes was blurry but the other wasnt
    i thought the surgery didn’t work or something
    P.S I had my PRK last week

  8. This blog is so helpful! I’m on day 15 and while I can read on the computer, it’s quite blurry, It’s like I’m wearing 3-d glasses and trying to read regular text. That being said, for the first hour or so each morning, my vision seems to be perfectly clear. Unfortunately, that one hour has passed today and as I write this, my vision is blurry enough that I won’t worry about fixing any grammatical mistakes. :)

  9. Thank you for posting your experience with PRK and for everyone commenting. I feel reassured about my recent surgery and post-surgery vision.

  10. My experience sounds pretty much identicle to yours to this point. Its been 11 days and I’m at work with huge font and reading glasses on. Seeing double when texting etc. I was feeling worried but feeling much better knowing that the healing will just take time. I knew I would need reading glasses but this is crazy. Ay day 5 when I had the contacts off, my vision was 20/30. still blurring and focussing problems today as well.

  11. On day 10 and day 11, my near vision does not improve. Actually, it went back to be worse, especially in the morning. Magnifier was needed in the morning. However, near vision will improve when the day goes by. Do not know why.

    Far vision is improved a little, especially under good lighting. Driving feels a little safer.

    Tear drop will just clear up for a split second, indicating things to come.

  12. Surgery day did fine. Day 2 and 3 excruciating (burn like by onions, then tear up over and over for 2 days). Day 4 pain was gone, just a bit dry. I’m at day 12 now. I’ve had some clear moments and some very blurry ones too. Most days my right is clearer than my left, but there have been random times when it reverses temporarily and my left gets clearer than the right. I do a lot of testing out by moving my hand in front of one eye and then the other while trying to read various things. This screen is clearer with my right eye, but when I cover the right, the left is blurry, and then clears up a bit suddenly. Left used to be my dominant eye, but I think my brain is confused. I’m really hoping that in time I get decent in both eyes. Also, a red light on an alarm clock is sometimes clearer with the blurry eye than the clear.

    Not to scare everyone, but this I did this 20 years ago too. Lasik in one eye, and PRK in the other. I got 20/20 eventually back then, but my genetics are such that my eyes just very slowly got worse over time – pregnancies probably didn’t help either. With my eyes and genetics I anticipate that I’ll be blurry again in 20 years, but then I’ll be old enough and may just do the lens replacement type surgery- especially if I get cataracts as that is how they can fix those as well.

    Random info, but hopefully it helps someone, gives reassurance or food for thought. Overall – what a miracle and I’d do it again. Oh, wait I did do it again.

  13. Hello there! I found your blog extremely comforting. Seems as though the healing process requires patience and an obvious touch of healing the mind from good people. Thank you!

  14. Day 10 for me…better than my original vision but still very blurry and I can’t see at night. I’m really praying that by next month I will be ok…got a family trip I’m looking forward to and I would like to be able to see normal w/o all the blurriness.

  15. Day 9 for me – the battle to stay positive is a hard one. After my bandage contact lense has been removed my vision has worsened drastically. The doctor says it is normal and I must be patient. However, I am so frightened that it will not improve. Vision was so much better right after operation and before contact lense removal. To sit a full day at work is also a struggle and I too have computer job. Please fast forward in time so that I know the outcome of this scary operation. It has been so nice to find this blog and see that others were in the same situation and had improvement after some time. Good luck to all!

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