PRK Day 5

It is nearing the end of the fifth day after my PRK laser correction surgery. Every day is a slight improvement over the previous. I am now able to read smaller print, although it is all still blurry and smudged. I’ve been able to reduce the font size on the monitor to normal, although I still have the monitor size itself blown up to 800×600.

The blurriness I’m experiencing now isn’t exactly like it was when I didn’t have my glasses on. Somehow there is a level of clarity unlike the bad vision I had prior to the surgery. And every so often I’ll move my eyes and have a brief moment of clarity on a small part of my eye which is gone a second later. Two more days and I’ll be able to get the bandage contacts out. I’m pretty excited for that. It’s just like sleeping for a week with normal contacts in. Your eyes just have this weird nasty feeling to them when you wake up and it follows you throughout the day. They say it’s good for you, so I guess I believe them.

Yesterday I spent some time with visiting family which was only supposed to be for an hour and turned into an evening. My girlfriend drove and had to lead me around blindly sometimes when we were walking into the wind, but it was nice to get out. I probably should have called it a night earlier on, because about halfway through the evening, at a restaurant, my eyes started to get really tired and irritated. Still, I wanted to go visit my couple-months-old niece with the rest of the family, so I stuck it out. The majority of the time I kept my eyes closed, and the entire evening I had my awesome sunglasses on that were given to me by the eye doctor.

It was a relief to finally get home later on and lay down in a dark room. My entire eyeballs sort of throbbed from the overuse and were entirely exhausted. I was looking forward to a night of sleep, but somehow that sleep remained elusive.  For whatever reason, I could not get to sleep, and became so angry at this that I really couldn’t get to sleep. I wandered the apartment in the dark and came to rest on the couch and listened to an audiobook for several hours. Sleep didn’t come until around 3:30 and then it was very fitful.

I spent most of today trying to catch up on this missing sleep, and it wasn’t until mid afternoon that I was fully myself again. Part of me thinks that the lack of sleep came from being out all yesterday afternoon and evening. Oh well, I got through it. Now after writing this my vision is beginning to lose focus again, so I think I’ll call it a day for computer work. I had originally anticipated that I might be able to go to work tomorrow (Monday), but I can see now that this isn’t going to happen, and it possibly won’t happen the next day. I write software for a living, so there’s going to be a lot of staring at monitors that I’m just not up to. Hopefully I’ll be able to work soon, as I’m running out of audiobooks to listen to and this cabin fever is starting to get to me!

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  1. I couldn’t sleep day 4 or 5. I kept having random images flashing across my brain. I imagine it to be the same feeling as being on an acid trip. .. After two hours of just lying there with my eyes closed and colorful pages flashing across my brain, i turned on my anatomy lectures and was out in 10 minutes. Thank you monotone voice and complicated subject matter!

    • How long did it take for the blurriness to go away. I’m on day 11 and I’m still blurry. Not as bad but I still can’t see the pastors features from the audience.

  2. Glad I found this blog, on day 9 and vision still fluctuating. Great commentary! Having the same flashes of clarity which I hope is a sign of good vision to come…

    Couldn’t sleep day 4/5 either, but I was coming off the tylenol 3 which was supposed to help me sleep… so it might have been due to the drugs.

  3. Hello! I had PRK surgery on Friday March 23rd and was back to work the following Monday night, day 3, and drove for the first time by day 5 (although I could’ve driven by day 4). I’m very fortunate to say that I have had no issues sleeping, I have experienced zero pain…well, except for a sudden sharp, burning sensation that happen on day two. But it went away as quickly as it came; lasted about two seconds each time. Got that feeling only two or three times. I still see a bit blurry and yesterday, day 4, things were a bit hazy as well. I’ve not taken any pain killers at all and I’m just glad to say that everything is going well!

  4. It is Saturday and I had surgery on Tuesday, this sucks! Not pain but vision!
    I feel wasted, my vision is so blurry!! Thank God I have an iPod and I can enlarge print!

  5. Today was my Day 5. Recap: I had PRK to clear 2.5 of astigmatism after cataract surgery on left eye. Left eye previously had 1.0 astigmatism. I’ve reported on Days 0-5 on previous on Chad’s day pages. My goal is 20/20 near vision. I needed 2.5 correction in bifocal glasses but always had 20/20 near vision but no distance vision beyond a few feet. Because I do detailed sewing, read and use my iPad and computer my near vision was essential in my mind.

    So back to Day 5. Had appointment with Dr. to check bandage lens and vision. woke with NO discomfort but a little regression in vision from previous night. drove 30 minutes to eye dr and saw fine. As far as I could tell all sun sensitivity had vanished.

    The Dr . found some debris behind the lens, removed lens and replaced it. My eye was mostly healed and he said looks great. A check of my near vision resulted in 20/20 and we both celebrated! He says it will get even better when fully healed! As a result of changing the bandage lens, (I presume) my eye has felt tired all day. (There was some debris from the eye or he would have left the lens in) My vision is not quite as clear tonight as last night but I expect it to be better tomorrow.

    A note: my PRK doctor is in Birmingham. The doctor who does my interim checks is my local eye doctor. Since I live in a small town there is a network of specialized doctors in Birmingham who work with the doctors in surrounding towns to minimize travel for patients. This makes interim (or emergency trips, if needed) much simpler.

    I’ll probably not report again until day 8 after next dr’s visit unless something unusual happens.

  6. My pain today is gone,fb sensation less to.Vision slowly coming back .Im happy!!!!!!!! Thanks to CREATOR!!!

    • How is your vision? I’m scheduled to have procedure done on both eyes November 29. Should I reconsider? I’ve had LASIK done and need an enhancement after 9 years. Doctor recommended PRK. I’m scared after reading the blogs.

      • I think you have to keep in mind that of all the people who get PRK or Lasik done, people who had bad experiences are the ones who will mostly post on the internet. I see you posted this awhile ago – did you decide to go through with it?

  7. This is day five for me. My left eye has gotten considerably better, and I am reading this webpage at normal resolution and normal font size. The letters are blurry, and the quality of my vision depends on how well hydrated my eyes are. I am fortunate that my natural tears can do a pretty good job on their own, but I still put in drops every few hours as recommended by the doctor. My eyes are still a little light-sensitive, particularly in the morning when I wake up, but I think that’s getting better. I don’t have any pain today. My worst day was day three, and a little on day four. I have to rest my eyes quite a bit, but I have been working today. I’m a software engineer, so I depend upon my eyes greatly. I am very pleased with the progress so far, though if I had to do it over again I would consider doing one eye at a time so that I didn’t have the downtime involved with compromising both eyes simultaneously. My vision still has a long way to go, but I’m encouraged by the progress so far, and hopeful that the progress will continue.

  8. Day five for me as well
    I can see better than I could before the surgery I was a -4.00 and a -4.75
    But still not that well. I can read my iPhone and iPad on normal resolution but it’s a little blurry
    My eyes get worse and better depending on hydration
    Weird thing for me is I could see really well the day after surgery almost 20/20 I would guess and now it has gone way down hill
    Doctor says that is normal. He removed my contact yesterday and that seemed to make it slightly worse along with my eyes making quite a bit of gunk
    Defiantly feeling the cabin fever
    Doc said it improves faster once the contact is out here’s hoping
    For me I only had one painful day, day 3 and it wasn’t that bad. Pain has been minor but the not being able to see very well is driving me crazy.

  9. Today is the fifth day and is the first day that I can sit in front of a computer monitor and do computer work without much trouble, a definite improvement that yesterday I was not able to do.

    Before you got surprised, I am using a 27″ LCD TV at 1080p resolution and my face is 17″ away from the screen, not a normal sense computer screen. However, even smaller fonts are now coming into focus at say 20″ away on the edge of the screen.

    The vision was definitely improved again although still blurry. I ventured out driving on road, although blurry but with enough clarity for me to feel much safer now than day 3.

    Light sensitivity was only one or two days for me. Dry eye is there but definitely not running for eye drops every 15 minutes, I would say every 1.5 hours. Not much foreign object feeling in the eye with contacts in either. Sometimes, I can feel that the contact is somehow coming off on edge and eye becomes more blurry. A simple push can fix that.

    Hope more improvements tomorrow (6th day) and especially on 7th day when the doctor is supposed to remove the contacts for me and recheck vision.

  10. Thanks for post. I am relieved after reading this.
    Today is my fifth day. No pain. At work. Still things looks blurry with intermittent clarity. Left eye contact lense came out. Right eye contact lense still in. Right eye more clearer than left. My doc told me not to worry if contact lense comes out after 4-5th day.

  11. Day 5 for me right now. The doc removed the bandage contacts and looked at my eyes. He noticed both eyes did not heal over completely – there were two “cracks” which contributed to the scratching-eye sensation (which caused my eyes to water quit a bit). I have to keep my bandage contacts in for 4 more days. The doc said I’m healing slower than most patients (usually around Day 5 the eye would have healed over and the bandage contact would be removed and I would start the eye ointments).

  12. It is day 5 for me as well. Yesterday, day 4, they took my contact lens bandage out, but they had to insert brand new ones because I’m not healing as fast as they would like. Yesterday when they took the bandage contacts out and reinserted new ones, it was like going back to day one. I was burning it was blurry, and I was very discouraged. Today I woke up and I was ecstatic because I could see much better. Before the surgery my prescription in contacts was a -9 in my left eye, and a -8.5 in my right eye. This is quite a high prescription. At the doctor’s yesterday when they did my eye exam I was seeing 20 / 30 in my left eye and about 20 over 70 in my right eye. Today I have noticed that my right eye has improved I’m going to say to about a 20 /50 and my left eye seems to have gotten worse. The doctor has reassured me that all of this is normal. My right eye feels good I don’t have any burning or any foreign object sensation in it. My left eye however is giving me some trouble, it’s very irritated and it feels as if something’s in there. I also noticed today that my reading vision is the best that it has been ever. Since my prescription was so high my doctor had told me that my close-up vision would be worse and I would need cheater glasses from the drugstore. Since I’m in my mid-forties I’m already using cheater glasses but I don’t feel a need for them. I don’t go back to the doctor until day 9 and I’m hoping they can remove these contacts for good. I have not been to work because most of my work is close up, in very small print. I have not been given the ok to drive yet either so this is somewhat of an issue. Overall though I am highly impressed I’m happy with my results so far. It’s amazing to be able to wake up in the morning and see the room, in my alarm clock and my mirror on my dresser and anything! This is something I have not had the pleasure of experiencing in about 35 years, without contacts or glasses everything was just a shadow, nothing had defined edges. Everyone heals differently and everyone progress’s at different rates. I will say it is by far the best decision I’ve ever made regarding my health.

  13. New Dude, your world sounds like mine, I’m on day 5 and I’m still blurred, keeping eyes moist as possible, but very blurred. I’m wondering if my healing time is slow because of my age I’m close to 60 and not doing as well as everyone posting. What are your thoughts? At what time (day) did you clear up? Thanks

  14. Thanks for documenting the experience – I found this blog helpful before and after I had PRK done on my right eye. I’m actually about 40 days since my surgery . I had my procedure done at TLC here in Portland, OR, and I have to say I’m extremely happy with how things went according to the expectations set. Prior to surgery my right eye had 3 Diopters of Astigmatism which made my effective vision about 20/200 (pretty much wasn’t using for anything other than depth perception). My left eye is around 20/40 unaided but has very good near vision. Doctor suggested the Monovision approach (Right eye is my long-distance vision and Left eye is a bit near-sighted).

    Some Notes:
    – A few hours after the surgery – my vision was perfect (probably around 20/25 with no astigmatism which was a gigantic improvement)
    – For the first 3 days, as long as I kept taking the nerve pain medication at 4-hour intervals (gabapentin) everything felt fine. I let it lapse one time and my eyes started to water – never really felt severe pain.
    – At 24 hours I went in for my 1-day checkup – they confirmed I was seeing 20/25
    – At about the 36 hour mark, I started to get the “vaseline-smear” type vision as the epithelium started to grow back
    – At about 4 days post-surgery, my vision came back to around 20/25
    – At 5 days everything looked good and the bandage contact was removed.

    Since, outside of taking the steroid for the first month as prescribed, I’ve had no issues. Maybe noticed a little dry-eye a couple of times.

    The biggest adjustment has been having my right eye be the “good” eye for distance vision – brain is still adjusting but I have to say it is generally fantastic. My eye doctor doesn’t think I should even bother correcting my left eye since it is still a little better for near vision.

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