PRK Day 4

It is now the beginning of day four after the PRK surgery. Both eyes are now worse than the night before in vision acuteness. Everything is blurry again, up close and far away. The left seems a little clearer but not by much. There isn’t really much pain besides the annoying feeling that there’s something in the eye at different times.

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  1. I’m on day 4 of recovery and am grateful for your blog with a black background and white font! Like you, I’ve realised the majority of my job is reading/writing on the computer, and as I attempt to work from home, I’m only managing short periods with the resolution at 800×600 and my face pressed to the screen. Sadly, I even have my BB at the largest font. When did you find that you could start working normally? BTW: I was a little disappointed by the Golden Compass series…

    • I am on day four of PRK. I heard before I got P KR that recovery was going to be the hardest thing so I took a whole week off of work and for the first three days did nothing but sleep and take the prescribe medication. It is the morning of and I feel awesome!! my vision is blurry but I have no headaches and my eyes don’t hurt by blurriness the doctor said everyone is different but it may take to up to a week. I go tomorrow to get the lens taken out and see the Doc but is ready know I see better.

  2. im on my day four as well and i am seeing more clear from one eye than the other one and it realy worried me but im way more eased now, thanks to you and thanks to interner haha

  3. I`m on day 4 and I cant really see much. Blurry vision, better in the right eye though. High hopes for improvement soon.

  4. going into day 5 and found this (straining with eyes burning) as I freak out about if I just paid thousands of dollars to ruin my vision and lose my very night vision required job.

  5. What a relief! This detailed account of your “eye journey” perfectly describes what I have been living with since my “enhancement” PRK 13 days ago! Your blog makes me smile (in sympathy of course) as I squint and lean in close to see this screen with16pt font lol! You have included all I have been experiencing (and complaining about lol!). Couldn’t imagine doing both eyes, as I feel…and look like I am legally blind. Had monovision Lasik 5 yrs ago and my left (reader) eye required enhancement due to astigmatism. The minute I was done with Lasik, my vision was chrystal clear! PRK was great on day 1, but the more my cornea healed, the blurrier my vision has become! Severe dry eye is also an issue. I’m a nurse and can not afford to not see perfectly and I will admit…I was beginning to think…WHAT HAVE I DONE???? People would freak if they saw life through my eyes right now lol! Thank you for restoring hope for perfect vision **

  6. It is 9 PM on Day 4. No pain or discomfort experienced today. Near vision had regressed a little from nighttime Day 3 vision but by mid-day had improved to what I assume is 20/20 near vision (my goal). I can read all the letters, numbers and see all the hour and quarter hour markers – and the ones in the little dials are really small. My left (PRK) eye near vision is now better than my right which was 20/20 until a fast growing cataract popped up 8 mos ago. That eye has somewhere between 20/30 and 20/40 vision now.

    Once I have cataract surgery on my right eye (probably late October after left eye is stable) and after right eye is stable (another 3 mos), I will be fitted for glasses again. Until then my distance vision will not be 20/20. But as long as I can drive, (which I could have done today) I am okay. I need my perfect near vision so I can do the sewing, reading, etc that is what I do.

    Today I’m really happy with my PRK results. Tomorrow I see my Dr. And find out what he has to say.i

  7. Thank you so much for writing this blog. It has helped me not to worry so much about my vision. I am currently on day 4 after PRK surgery, and I can read things on my computer and cell phone even in smaller fonts, albeit with great difficulty. Increasing the font size definitely helps, though I can’t stare at the screen for too long because my eyes get so tired and are a little sensitive to the brightness of the screen. My left eye is currently better than my right at this point, though I would say that my vision fluctuates fairly rapidly. A few hours from now my vision might be different. Like you, I’m a software engineer who needs to be able to see to do his job. I wish I would have found your blog before I did the surgery – that’s my fault, I should have done a little more research. If I had found it, I would have done one eye at a time so that I would not have had the downtime that I’m experiencing now. So far I don’t regret doing this, but I do think my doctor was pretty optimistic in suggesting that I would be able to work after a week. Based on my progress, I will certainly be able to see well enough to read at that point, but probably not for eight hours, just like you. Anyway, thanks for writing the blog. It has helped reassure me that these fluctuations in my vision really are normal.

  8. i am on day four now. Being close to legally blind for a good part of my life, i have found a substantial improvement in my eyesight. i no longer have any light sensitivity and my night vision…well lets just say i can actually see at night ( night blindness was one of the reasons i chose the surgery to begin with). i have had the added advantage of having no responsibilities for the past four days and all the Xanax and pain pills a girl in need could ask for, all prescribed by my doctor of course. i slept through the first two days which i believe expedited my recovery. today however is the first day i have looked at computer,tv,or phone screen which i also believe is a great help. people don’t understand the great strain the devices put on our eyes. I can’t stress enough that if you are reading this before you begin the PRK process DO NOT attempt to look at any electronic devices for at least three days. Also buy yourself a cooling gel pack for your eyes. best thing i ever did.

  9. I cannot thank you enough. The blog is foretelling what is coming next (4th day for me). My recovery is following the blog to a tee. I am by myself, so occasionally my drops are missing the target(eyes). Listening to literary criticisms.

  10. Luckily I only got my right eye redone with PRK but it is still very frustrating. I also find myself straining to see the computer or even foucusing on the pastor at church. Thanks to this blog I now know that I didnt rub my eye at night or something to cause this. I only hope that it doesnt start to cause head aches or something. And how are you all doing sleeping with sun glasses on? I cant toss and turn like I want to. :( lol but all in all I will just keep up with this blog to let you all know how my eye is doing and hopefully to find out when it should get better.

  11. hello friend!
    iam so glad to find this blog
    today is my 4 day after the PRK surgery but i worry that i cant see more clearly. Tomorrow i have to take my lins by doctor. hope that it will be better then. pls share me about list of care is a must and you should keep in mind a few do and don’t…..

  12. This is the day that my doctor said that I can go back to normal work like driving and doing computer work. Do not want to call it lie as it may (with slightest chance) happen to some but for most people, it is just not true.

    Vision was blur enough to prevent anyone from driving, dangerous. Somehow, reading cell phone screen was still gradually improving, even smaller fonts came into focus now.

    Was questioning whether I made the mistake of my life by doing PRK on both eyes as I trusted doctor too much until I checked out this blog. I still have hope, I hope.

  13. I’m on day 4 I’ve not really had any discomfort day 3 was bad for me I had burning sensation for 2 hours but then it went away and day 1 and 2 I was seeing pretty clear but then day 3 was very blurred I couldn’t even read texts of my phone but I’ve woke up on day 4 great clear vision again hopefully it keeps getting better

  14. Last Night was horrible I was up all night with pain in my eyes I hope day four is better I’m about to go to bed now no pain so it seems like it’s going to be a better night I just can’t wait when I can see clear

  15. Hi guys,

    Glad I found your blog.
    I’m on day 4 now. Had the protective lens out yesterday and then the pain really kicked in. Hazy/blurry vision. But the frequent burning spells are so intense. I find my pain meds dont even touch it. Only the drops I was given switch it off immediately. I’m told not to use them too much. I woke up and opened my eye and it started watering like crazy and burning like mad. I had it done last Wed, its Sunday now and I fear this is going to take a little longer to stabilise. Was it the same for anyone else?

  16. On day 4 now, had the PRK done Friday afternoon. Only had minor but lingering discomfort like having something in my eye and the occasional moments of light sensitivity. Vision seemed to be sharper yesterday and the day before though.

    Today, vision has become more blurry with things less defined and am having a heck of a time trying to get things done at work with the computer. Though most of the discomfort is gone except when the bandage contact lenses dry up, trying to keep them lubricated with hourly eye drops.

    I hope the vision gets better from here on out otherwise i wont be able to use the PC today.

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