PRK Day 3

It’s been three days since my PRK surgery. I wasn’t able to write anything yesterday due to the amount of pain and light sensitivity. It was prety rough. I had all the blinds drawn and all the lights out, but that was still too bright.

They said at the eye place that day 2 was going to be the worst, and so far they were right. What I don’t really understand is why they didn’t give anything for the pain besides saying that tylenol and advil would work. I’ve read other blogs where people would either get some sort of pills or eye drop to deal with the pain, but these guys kept saying that over the counter drugs would be fine. Well, I made it, though it was pretty painful.

Today is the thrid day, and it is remarkably better. I can open my eyes and deal with light to an extent. However, my eyes are getting tired from all the light and I think I’ll go lay down again for a while. This morning, the pain is more directed towards a scratched-eye sensation, rather than the burning of yesterday.

My vision is very blurry, much like looking through a few sheets of saran wrap. I can barely read anything on this monitor, even with the resolution and font sizes at their fattest. Getting closer to the screen ndoesn’t really help, and I’m probably mimsspleling a ton of words. I wholeheartedly apologize for that :)

This blurriness is expected for this day. My vision is worse than the first day, but they said it would happen. The reason it gets progressively worse and better is due to the fluctuations of the outer cornea growing back. It’s the same with the pain, som times it’s fine in both eyes, then one or the other eye will burn for a while, off and on.

Well, I’m gonna go lay down for a while and listen to an audiobook They said yesterday and today would be the worst for pain, ,and I made it through yesterday and today seems much better. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I can’t wait to see again!

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  1. I just had three days ago. Day two was definitely the worst when it came too pain, eventually I caved and took the 2 T3’s they’d given me. No pain today, but still can’t see proprluy. Mildly concerend. Hoaven’t tried to read the rest of your blog yet how long did it take before this blurriness clered up?

  2. Wow. Old blog. Yet quite relevant to me. Thanks so much for putting it up. As it appears you haven’t posted in quite some time, I hope things are going better for you in all areas of your life.
    I had PRK done on R eye (previously had RK in R eye, 1989 and have suffered regression as most RK pts know about) 3 days ago.
    Eye sensitivity less than terrible day 2 (I will have to complain about lack of pain meds to Doc’s because I am scheduled for PRK in L eye in 12 days) but still present. Like a burning itch which is worst when I am at the computer. Contemplating not using computer for a week or so or extremely limiting my time on it.
    Vision in R eye at this point is worse than before PRK.
    Hoping for improvement down the road but not sure how long the road is.
    Temporary contact comes out in 2 days. Hoping epithelial regrowth is complete by then. That should mean most if not all of the pain would be gone. As far as my vision, just keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Thank you for you detailed account of your PRK. I am going in tomorrow for mine and I am a bit nervous about the recovery process. I am a teacher and school is starting in 2 weeks. I am very nervous about not being able to see faces of my students not to mention driving to work. Any tips or suggestions?

  4. Hi All,

    I’m on day 3 of PRK or Epi-Lasik recovery as well. Per my doctor’s instructions I had only my right eye corrected and in one month I will correct the left eye. The reason is so that I can have more functionality at work and adjust better.
    My experience thus far has been ok. My worst time was right after the surgery before I had the pain medication. Note to others make sure your doctor prescribes a strong pain medication. I received percoset which saved me from the hellish throbbing pain I was in after the surgery. However once I took the medicine I was knocked out and slept the rest of the night and woke up in the morning with no pain. I also take3 drops, four times a day: Vigamox, Durazol, and Systane for eye lubrication.
    Day 3, I still have blurriness, and light sensitivity and some tearing. Overall, not that bad.
    I went out to dinner last night with my family and that was tough. Toward the end of the meal my eye was throbbing and I wanted to lie down. I took the pain medication again last night and that helped. This experience is what I expected. I was told at my one day followup appointment that all was healing well. I’m looking forward to my one week appointment where they will remove the bandage contact.



  5. I want to thank you for this blog as well. I’m scheduled to have my procedure in a few weeks. The doc suggested PRK, and until I read this blog I was getting more and more nervous and wanting to switch to Lasik. I’m scheduled to have the surgery about two weeks before my wedding, and I don’t want any problems.

    I’m also into MMA, though, so I could have made a huge mistake going with Lasik and not knowing more about the procedures. This is the best information I’ve found by far.

  6. I had PRK 3 years ago and am online doing research because sadly I am back in glasses and annoyed. Have yet another follow up with PRK surgeon to figure out my options.

    I am recalling the post surgery hellatious pain and discomfort – my doc did not prescribe ANY pain meds beyond OTC and I called in for an SOS and was finally prescribed some percocet which saved me. And I am not one to take meds, I never used the ones I was prescribed after giving birth to each of my 3 kids. Be SURE you get a script BEFORE surgery – you will need it!

  7. I am currently at day 3 after doing PRK on my left eye (did LASIK for the right eye and it was perfect the next day). My doctor told me it was OK to play tennis as long as I don’t sweat and take precautions so I wanted to go hit a little, but at the last moment decided against it because the vision in my PRK eye is so blurry. At this point I experience virtually no discomfort except for blurriness.

    P.S. Oh what the hell, I’m still going to go for a light hit :)

  8. I love your account of the surgery!! I had this done as well, but now they give out Toradol, Dilaudid, Tylenol 3 and a hefty dose of Gravol. At least at Lasik MD they do now. I needed it! haha Thanks for writing this, definitely is nice to read about others procedures! :)

  9. Thanks for he update. I’m on day 3 post PRK now and was feeling a little afraid although I knew what to expect. Your blog with the various days’ updates has been very comforting indeed

  10. My pain is less ,but foreign body sensation make my life hell.I changed from refresh plus to artelac by advise of doc and big relived happened.When cornea is starting heal,which called reepitalisation,fb sensation is normal feeling.Haze occur due to epitalisation because epitheliy not settled yet.Keep putting drops,and best advise after putting drops of lubricant don’t open eye for 25 sec

  11. I had PRK surgery about 8 months ago, and I’m just now getting around to letting you know how much your blog helped me out when I was terrified about the procedure! Day 2/3 was definitely the worst for me, and my experience was that the blurriness didn’t subside for nearly 2 weeks. In retrospect, I’m so glad that I went through with this, and I haven’t had any complications whatsoever. Thanks again.

  12. Can’t believe how helpful this blog is – they didn’t really prepare me for what I’d be going through. I was all worried the 2nd and 3rd day (today) about why my vision is blurry. Thanks so much for doing this.

  13. This has been a great blog and very helpful. I had PRK on 9/15/2014. My day 2 post-op was very rough and I needed to share some advice here. I woke up, put my drops in and was in moderate-severe discomfort in my left eye. I kept blinking hard and finally “blinked” out the left bandage lens. Not a huge deal, as any contact lens wearer has probably done this before with lenses. I called the doctor’s office to inform them and was told I could either tough it out until my next appointment (which was the next day) or come in for a replacement bandage lens. I decided to tough it out. BIG mistake. The pain/discomfort never went away and I was worthless all day–basically spent the entire day in bed, eyes closed, with a cold washcloth over my eyes. The next day at my appointment, the doctor clearly had not been informed about the bandage lens, as she said I should have come in to get a new one–the discomfort would have been less and the epithelium would have healed faster. Bottom line: if you ever have a bandage lens pop out, go get a new one immediately! This was my only problem with my PRK experience. I would definitely recommend it if you’re a candidate.

    • My doctor indicated to me that he would come into the office immediately and meet me to replace the contact. They really are very important to the healing process and pain.

    • My doctor indicated to me that he would come into the office immediately and meet me to replace the contact. The contact bandages really are very important to the healing process and pain.

  14. Doctor stated that it took 3 days for cornea to grow back and by 4th day (Monday), I should see good enough to go back to work. This was why I decided to do both eyes at the same time. Now, I learned that I really should not trust everything stated by doctor.

    Although only itchy feelings in eye, the vision is very blurry. Cannot even see the cell phone screen, let alone anything else. Light sensitivity is reduced quite a bit. However, the halo is there.

  15. Today is Sat, and just had checkup after having PRK on left eye early Thursday morning. Did not have any problems the first day. Day two, approximately 32 hours after surgery…I laiddown to take a nap and when I awoke, my eye kept weeping and I was sniffly…etc. I thought it was my allergies but after about an hour of no relief and not being able to see…I decided to try a pain pill. Lo and behold…that was the problem. I was in pain and didn’t know it. About an hour after taking pain pill, my eye got back to normal. Same thing this morning. I woke up at 4a.m., my eye was weeping/crying again. So I took a pain pill and it worked. Guess I have a high tolerance to pain and didn’t realize that I was really in pain….just wanted to share this in case there are others who are like me.

  16. Thank you to all who have shared their experiences with PRK. I had my left eye done 3 days ago. Not a lot of pain but definitely blurred vision and quite swollen. Tried to make it trough the night last night without taking much for pain medication as well as to help with swelling… big mistake. Glad I only had the one eye done as I would not be able to do much if I had done both. Best advice I could give to anyone having this procedure done is to make sure you have enough time afterwards to rest.

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